Toy Hunt With Teeda And Lamin

Teeda and Lamin went toy hunting at Target.

They got 2 Fidget spinners, Rainbow Dash Play-Doh and Hatchimals.



Playing at the Park on the Playground for Kids

Took the kids out to the park and then the playground to keep them busy…

Had a lazy morning and the kids couldn’t take it..!

Teeda gave me two options… “Lets dance together or take us to the park…”

I chose the latter and there we were..! At the playground…

Lipstick Phobia

I am terrified of snakes. Just seeing a video of snakes scares me to death. As scary as that may be, there is something else I fear more. LIPSTICK. I love makeup, and the finishing touch of lipstick does the magic.

Why the fear

I bought a red lipstick that had a beautiful gloss to it and I just fell in love with the texture. I went out for dinner with my friends and I got a couple of compliments on how good it looked on me. Then the unthinkable happened. My lips started swelling up. I thought that they would blow up at some point. I don’t have any allergies, so I knew that it had nothing to do with food allergies. Besides, we hadn’t even eaten dinner yet.

Another thing

My friend put on the same lipstick that I used and she was perfectly fine. So I concluded that it was just me. What else could it be? That was when I made up my mind. I’m never going to put on lipstick again.

Did I stick to the promise

Well, I’ve been tempted to put on lipstick on many different occasions, especially when I see how good it looks on people. I even went as far as buying a couple that ended up being used by my little girl on her dolls. I do, however, put on colorful lipgloss. But they don’t seem to do the magic for me. They just don’t last long enough.

What next?

I want to try out lipstick again. I want to remove my fear of it. I believe that I can only get over this fear if I start putting on lipstick. So I have decided to go and purchase any lipstick of my choice and see how it’ll turn out. I’m giving myself a week to take on the action.



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